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Functional Medicine Practitioner, ND, researcher, scientist, nutritional and lifestyle strategies, epigenetics, educator

Khelga practices Functional Medicine root cause approach. 


Main focus on patient education and healing through addressing the underlying causes that trigger and promote the state of ill health. Her firm belief is that disease is the loss of function, and identifying which function is at loss is crucial to be able to treat correctly and therefore successfully. 


Khelga´s main goal is to advocate prevention, and encourage people to check their biochemical and biological sufficiencies. For this she uses the latest state of the art testing that can provide the full picture rather than just the blood biomarker which can be high or low. More often than not the tests are non- invasive such as saliva, stool, urine which provide a fuller picture of metabolic activity within the body. 


One of her passion and challenges is to dig in at cellular level of inflammation, and get to understand individual immune reactivity, chronic inflammatory responses, and hypersensitivities to certain toxins and harmful metabolites that reside in the body, causing inflammation. In these particular cases the blood draw would be required. 


Khelga participates in regular clinical application and scientific round tables with other clinicians around the world and continually extends her collaborations and knowledge. This she considers the true clinical germs.


Staying up -to - date with the latest and being able to translate the complexity of science to clients o audience, personalise science into actionable treatments is her goal and her challenge. 


People who get better are those who learn about the triggers and mediators driving the dysfunction, it is not a mere action upon the prescription. Treatment is a process, a commitment to self and a therapeutic partnership. The practice is constantly evolving with the pace of the knowledge and science. We are committed and modesty proud to be able to transmit this to those who reach out to us. 


She likes to focus on chronic inflammation, neuroinflammation, central sensitization driven pain such as multiple myalgias, toxic load, endocrine disrupters, immune system reactivity, autoimmunity, cognitive optimisation, gastrointestinal health. She incorporates gene - based medicine in individual studies and is fully qualified in epigenetics. 


She merges many different modalities and collaborations and refiéralas to be able to achieve positive impact, as and when needed, such as BHRT, compound pharmacy, dental cavitation, neural therapy, photobiomodulation, low laser, far infrared light, pulsing therapy, micro- immunotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, neurofeedback, brain reader, neuroQ, thermal imaging, fascial decompression, and other. 


Bredesen ReCode 2.0 Certified clinician. 

ProdromeScan (Plasmalogen) Certified Clinician. 

British Society for Ecological Medicine Associate. 

Member of BANT, IFM, FMU, NNA, GCRN, CNHC. Member of SESAP (Sociedad Española de Salud de Precisión). Certified to administer the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA). 


She is the founder of Functional retreats and Optimal Health Hub. And runs charitable foundation that focuses on guiding people to achieve their individual optimal health. 


She actively practices within the team of Apollo Health. Please click on the link to learn more:

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Healthy Home, Breathwork & Postural Alignment Practitioner

Elizabeth is a certified Buteyko Clinic Instructor,  Oxygen Advantage Coach & Postural Alignment Specialist. She has specialized in Radiation Protection (GEOVITAL Academy) and holds a Master of Science from Manchester University, UK.


Through combining her scientific knowledge with her genuine passion for health Elizabeth has honed her skills to provide solutions which allows each individual to reach their full potential. This is achieved through a combination of breathwork, postural therapy and tools such as Nerve Express. 


With an avid interest in the functional medicine model, which addresses the underlying root cause of disease, Elizabeth works closely with esteemed Functional Medical Practioner, Khelga Coopper, to provide holistic care for all clients.

Nerve Express is an FDA approved medical device that allows us to study your individual heart rate variability. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has an important clinical reference and it is an actionable approach. This means we measure to create your baseline from which you can improve and monitor your progress. 


There is an important difference between the heart rate and Heart Rate Variability which has clinical significance and relevance. While heart rate focuses on the average beats per minute, heart rate variability HRV measures the specific changes in time /variability between successive heart beats.


Your Heart Rate Variability reflects how adaptable your body can be. If your heart rate is highly variable, this is usually evidence that your body can adapt to many kinds of changes. People with high heart rate variability are usually less stressed and happier in general. Healthy individuals will have scores of 60-70 (depending on biological age), and top endurance athletes can have numbers of 90-100 (or even higher). Conversely, less healthy people will have numbers in the 40-55 range, and anything below that indicates a low level of vagal activity, which may be a cause for concern.


Stress is a big contributor to ageing. If we are to describe ageing in simple terms, we shall distinguish a progressive oxidation and depletions that lead and cause dysfunctions. And disease is the lack of function. 


We may often ignore or rather be unaware of certain stressors such as environmental stress (pollutants, noise, blue light, mould exposure), inadequate nutrition such as too many carbs, easily oxidized or rancid oils, frequent alcohol consumption, eating throughout the day without giving time to the digestive tract to rest and recover, hidden infections, stress on the adrenals with inappropriate exercise, incorrect breathing, sleep apnea, snoring, amongst others. 


Oftentimes we are not even aware of such stressors as they may not be particularly obvious. But every stressor does count. And, how much we stress our system and how long we stay in sympathetic mode (fight and flight) vs parasympathetic mode (relax and digest) matters. Healthy autonomic nervous system represents your ability to switch between the two modes. Using Nerve Express we examine your “switch” and help you to adjust it to work optimally, and therefore to feel better and age less. 


Real age is your biological age and not your chronological age. We all have inside us 78 organs, if we can optimise these organs and stress them less, the ageing will be slower because the health will be more optimal, you will feel recharged and positive inside out. Understanding each individual body functioning at cellular level is at the core of everything we do. 


The studies which we conduct on each client then translated into recommendations about technics and tools available to you to continue your health optimisation journey, to become your own master.

For more information about breathwork click here.




Health Coach and Mental Health Therapist

Catherine Rogers is a mental health therapist and health coach passionate about the link between physical and mental health.


Providing multi-disciplinary insight into health issues, her 20 years of experience and work with Oxford University PhD researchers looking at gut bacteria in relation to the immune system has led her to firmly believe in the importance of good gut health for mental and physical wellbeing.

This belief saw her write Amazon bestseller, “Gut Well Soon”, which reveals how health problems are connected to gut health and found Reset Your Health, an online programme providing recipes tailored to an individual’s health challenges and food preferences.


More recently, Catherine has founded Reset Your Brain Health, where she works alongside doctors to reverse dementia. She is one of only a handful of UK based practitioners who has successfully completed Dr Bredesen’s ReCODE training.

Gut Well Soon -

Reset Your Health -

Reset Your Brain Health -

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Clinical Psychologist

Lua Sáenz, licensed B-1920, is a Clinical Psychologist and has gained her 3 academic degrees (Bachelor and Masters) and over 10 professional training and qualifications in Spain, UK and Argentina. 

She studied several innovative psychotherapeutic currents: Trauma Brain Integration Techniques,Cognitive Psychotherapy, EFT, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Gestalt Art Therapy, Positive Psychotherapy, etc. Counting on her resume with master’s degrees, psychology majors and multiple complementary training courses.

Lua Sáenz has over 16 years of experiences working as a Clinical Psychologist. Over the years, she has practised many branches of psychotherapy and has created her unique method which combines Gestalt Psychotherapy, Cognitive Psychotherapy, Trauma Brain Integration Techniques and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Lua has extensive experience in helping clients to overcome psychological Trauma, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Anxiety disorders, Depressive disorders, low self-steem, etc. She now practise her methodology in Spain, as well as giving online consultations and facilitates workshops.

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